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When Dr. Cathers established the Gathering place he was just not trying to start another church but to establish a place of learning regarding the true nature of redeemed man, the seed of Christ in us. To teach righteousness or right standing with God, to teach the love of the Father God towar his creation; man and to do what Jesus did; teach, preach, and heal. This is what is taking place at the Gathering Place of Simi Valley.

 Salvation cannot be worked for, it is a free gift. So many people are working so hard for God and not giving thanksgiving because they are trying to purchase favor with God instead of believing in God. As it says in Hebrews 11:6, Without faith, it is impossible to please God, for he that comes to God must believe that He is. Paul stated that there was a battle of two gospels in Galatians 1:6-8. One is the true gospel, the gospel of faith, and the other is the gospel of works and the law. He even asked the Galatians this question in chapter 3:1, who has bewitched you that you should not obey the truth. In verses 1-6, he clearly separates faith, the law, the flesh and the Spirit. In Galatians 3:10, Paul states that those who are of the works of the law are under the curse and vs11, he declares that no man can be justified by works of the law, but that those who are just live by faith.

Many people struggle with Christianity because they see people speaking about doing many works, but not living justly or uprightly. The truth is belief in Jesus Christ and is based on faith in Him. Then whatever works we do come out of a living relationship with the living God, and not out of trying to keep some law by the power of our own flesh or our own will.

In Romans 4:2-5, Paul gives an extremely clear description of faith vs. works declaring that works did not justify even Abraham. And in vs. 4 he states The man who works his reward is not reckoned of grace but it owed to him by debt. In vs. 5 he says A man who doesnt work, but believes on Him (Christ), it is his faith that justifies him and he is counted righteous because of his faith.

Bob was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and immigrated ​with his family to the United States at age 4 and was raised in Sylmar, California. At age 20, Bob attended Rhema Bible Training Center in Oklahoma and while there, God gave him a vision regarding Hebrews 1:8. From this verse came the acronym, SOARING, the Scepter of Authority and Righteousness in God. Over the past twenty years God has continued to reveal to him the depths of this scripture.

At age 23, Bob established his first church, which he pastored for twenty years. At the same time, he also established other churches and ministries, which included a Bible school as well. After he received a word from God, Bob gave up this church to begin a new work, which was to establish a Gathering Place learning center, which he is the Apostle over. The Gathering Place was established as a prototype of a new kind of church based on the righteousness of God and the right-standing of believers before Him
In November 2006, Bob was presented with an honorary doctorate by the Latin University of Theology, which has been a major catalyst for new opportunities for him to minister both inside and outside of the church.Recently, Dr. Bob has been ministering to high authorities within the governments of Uganda, Kenya, and Burundi, in East Africa.

He has also been hosting financial seminars for local businessmen in these countries as well. Locally, he has been teaching Righteousness Revolution and Paramount seminars in various locations and cities. Dr. Bob is continually expanding the Gathering Place as a learning center, and in the near future will be establishing a local location for the Latin University of Theology. He will also be expanding his seminar venues and speaking engagements as well.