Prosperity Of Abraham - 10.00 $

Abraham was a multibillionaire in his time. As we look at his life we will see subtle keys to his Godly prosperity and many financial blessings. Learn how to translate these keys into our moder day times and lives.

Seed Prayer Book - 20.00 $

There are many kinds of prayer. Seed prayer is a form of prayer that combines speaking the Word of God in first person form and praying in the Holy Spirit. When used correctly, Seed Prayer results in the manifest presence of God being released. That is what we want. We want the presence of God. We do not want to pray for an hour and wonder if God has heard what was said. We want God to be involved with us when we pray. We want relationship and communion with God.

The Art of Investing - 10.00 $

In life there is no reward without risk. However in investing we want to minimize the risks and maximize the rewards by investing wisely. By doing this you can secure your future.